Randy Travis. 3 Three Wooden Crosses.

Acoustic guitar. Easy song for beginners. Click here or (more info) for the lyrics and chords to 3 Three Wooden Crosses. Randy Travis. .My channel is for practising with me. Female FYI: I have a video on my channel (How to get started at home with your guitar) quick introduction lesson. How to. Sorry, I could hit some of these notes!!!! This is where you’ll learn my DUMB STRUM! Forgot to mention, before I do my dumb strum, I hit the top string of the chord, then down up up down up! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3 Three Wooden Crosses. Randy Travis A (G) farmer and a teacher, a(Em) hooker and a preacher, (C) Ridin’ on a midnight bus, (G) bound for (D)Mexico. One’s (G) headed for vacation, one for (Em)higher education, An’ (C)two of them were searchin’ for lost (G) souls. That (Am) driver never ever saw the stop (D)sign. An’ (Am) eighteen wheelers can’t stop on a (D) dime. There are, (G) three wooden crosses on the (Em)right side of the highway, (C)Why there’s not four of them, (G) Heaven only (D) knows. I guess it’s, (G) not what you take, when you (Em)leave this world behind you, It’s (C)what you leave behind you when you (G)go. That (G) farmer left a harvest, a (Em)home and eighty acres, The (C)faith an’ love for growin’ things,(G) in his young son’s (D)heart. An’ that (G) teacher left her wisdom, in the (Em)minds of lots of children: (C)Did her best, to give ’em all a better (G) start. An’ that (Am) preacher whispered: “Can’t you see the

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  1. Mrsfunkycupcake
    Mrsfunkycupcake says:

    This is too cute. Lush. Do you think you could do a Minnie mouse tutorial ?? I’m mad about Disney and there’s hardly any nice nail designs?? Thanks. X

  2. MsDollLuver
    MsDollLuver says:

    I love the nails! They are gorgeous! Is there a type of glue for the little pearls and roses to stay on? Will they come off if your like washing your hands?


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