Purple Rain – Prince – Guitar Lesson With Michael Casswell Licklibrary

www.licklibrary.com Learn how to play Purple Rain by Prince with Michael Casswell from Licklibrary. Learn how to play the intro and verse chords in this guitar lesson with Michael Casswell, for the full guitar lesson follow the link in the description. For more online guitar lessons head to www.licklibrary.com

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  1. poplepo3
    poplepo3 says:

    @regularguy00001 probably something like a fender twin as that is the industry standered for these kinda lesson companys and those look like lace sensor pickups to me

  2. fmradioguy101
    fmradioguy101 says:

    @harryscarey – that’s how i play it, but for a beginner, those chords can be quite stretchy. I think what Michael shows is a simplified version, which is very good for strumming along and getting your head around the tune. Michael is one of the best tutors at LL also, he doesn’t waffle on, and explains things well.

  3. Waynheadxbonbon
    Waynheadxbonbon says:

    I saw Prince live and it was raining so hard and there were purple spotlights on the rain. So awesome!!

  4. harryscarey
    harryscarey says:

    Sorry Michael but the basic chords are right but they’re not specific enough. The Gm7/11 is played with an open D string, the F is and Fadd9 with the pinky in the 5th pos. and the Eb is also a Eb add 9 played in the 6th position with the pinky in the 10th pos on the G string 😉

  5. regularguy00001
    regularguy00001 says:

    Nice sound & tone. Would be nice to know what pick ups are in that strat and what amp he is using.


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