Boz Scaggs – Sierra

Boz Scaggs – Sierra After learning guitar at the age of 12, Boz Scaggs met Steve Miller at St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas. In 1959, he became the vocalist for Miller’s band, The Marksmen. The pair later attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison together, playing in blues bands like The Ardells and The Fabulous Knight Trains. Leaving school, Scaggs briefly left Texas to join the burgeoning rhythm and blues scene in London. After singing in bands such as The Wigs and Mother Earth. He travelled to Sweden as a solo performer, and recorded his solo debut album, Boz in 1965, which was not a commercial success and did a brief stint with the band The Other Side with fellow American Jack Downing and Brit Mac MacLeod. Returning to the US, Scaggs promptly headed for the booming psychedelic music center of San Francisco in 1967. Linking up with Steve Miller again, he appeared on the Steve Miller Band’s first two albums Children of the Future and Sailor, which received good reviews from music critics. After being spotted by Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, Scaggs secured a solo contract with Atlantic Records in 1968. Despite good reviews, his sole Atlantic album, featuring the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and slide guitarist Duane Allman, was met with lukewarm sales, as were follow-up albums on Columbia Records. In 1976, he linked up with session musicians who would later form Toto and recorded his smash album Silk Degrees. The album reached number 2 on the US charts and

Mollie learning guitar.

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  1. dmanw53dq
    dmanw53dq says:

    @HunterMann Wow, haven’t heard the name Valdy for a while. My family shared a house with him in Victoria when I was like 2 years old (very early 70s). From a quick search, it sounds like he’s still going strong.

  2. FringeFan1993
    FringeFan1993 says:

    u just wanna dream, when you hear this song. so so great. discovered him quite recently, best song ever! the beauty of the high sierra <33333

  3. redwoodgirlbc
    redwoodgirlbc says:

    Just saw Boz live a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to hear this song SO bad, but he didn’t play it. I can’t believe this didn’t become a hit. I love this song & can feel the heartbreak in the way he sings it. Beautiful!! Thanks for posting with these beautiful images. I come back to listen to it often.

  4. HunterMann
    HunterMann says:

    I heard this today on a cool radio site called “Cult Radio A-Go-Go!” and it just said “Sierra by Scaggs”. I was surprised this mellow tune is by Boz Scaggs. It has more of a Gordon Lightfoot or Valdy sound to the vocals.
    Nice tune for sure!

  5. puresweetness19
    puresweetness19 says:

    This is such a beautiful song and sung so well by Boz Scaggs. The way I “see” the story in the song is.. The man in the song is broken hearted because of how the woman he loves and adores has treated him. “Oh you played with his heartstrings” So he has decided to become a recluse and live alone in the beauty of the high Sierras. He is telling her, What about the one who said he loves you, well don’t bother looking for me because I don’t want to be found. Sad, haunting.. but true to life

  6. showgr8harls
    showgr8harls says:

    This song was made for Boz, the changes in the song, his voice, it takes you somewhere far away, I think the song relates to how a man who has lost someone special in his life, is dreaming about that lost relationship ” what about me” I’ll get over it, and, how will that peace come to him, a fantacy maybe……don’t come looking…I’m at piece with it all… Love Boz long time, he rules

  7. marciwgardening
    marciwgardening says:

    Awesome! Never knew Boz’ music until the 90 ‘s when I married my soulmate and guitarist, Jim. Wow, do I love his music; my fav is Heart of Mine.

  8. mcosta333
    mcosta333 says:

    “Amigos são reflexos de uma alma que viaja em busca da própria identidade. Surgem de mansinho e alojam-se sorrateiramente. Quando percebemos a força de sua presença, desejamos fundir-nos a eles de maneira apaixonada, como se houvéssemos aguardado toda nossa vida por esse momento” (Mauricio A Costa, em ‘O Mentor Virtual II’ – O Elo Invisível – Lançamento em 2011).

  9. Oystercatcher011
    Oystercatcher011 says:

    Heard this song for the first time this morning on BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce Show. Just gorgeous! I knew the name Boz Scaggs, but not his music! Thank you!
    Tell me, anyone – now don’t the opening two lines,even the intonation, remind you of Elton John’s ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’?

  10. freecatbeme
    freecatbeme says:

    Boz Scaggs is the best. He loves to play, he’s so good ‘live.’ Awesome.
    Loves his audience, it shows.

    I used to live in the High Sierra, was High also ! haha.
    Nice pics, and song. thx.

  11. goldengirlger
    goldengirlger says:

    This is so beautiful, but sort of sad. I have a close family member just heading out to see the USofA, and this song came to me this morning. I will miss him so much, and though this brings tears to my eyes and always has, maybe he will find his dream.

  12. mcmolgog
    mcmolgog says:

    i just googled myself and this is who came up! there is another mollie with an i-e out there who is amazing! i am glad to share my name with someone so talented and beautiful!

  13. murillocutchenmusic
    murillocutchenmusic says:

    I think she is a brilliant singer! … Mollie King EP: The Way I Do *–*. I’ll love it so much! BRAZIL LOVES MOLLIE AND THE SATS.


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